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Kashmir is one of the most beautiful valleys in the world that for centuries has inspired and amused travelers. Flanked on the north by Greater Himalayas and on the south by Pir Panjal mountain range, the valley lies quite hidden, and to the extreme north of Indian sub-continent. Its rich flora and fauna, undulated terrains, amusing landscapes, refreshing environment and equally interesting culture makes it one of the best tourist places in India and Asia. Kashmir, as a tourist destination, stands quite apart from the rest of the places in India. Although few places in Himachal, a nearby state, and some regions in the Lower Himalayas or towards the north-east of India bear resemblance with Kashmir, the valley continues to surprise and amuse travelers. The most significant feature of Kashmir valley is the presence of mountains and hills that reach to surprising heights. And with them come features like fresh water lakes, streams flowing from the glaciers, pine forests, excellent climate, rich biodiversity, captivating landscapes and beautiful meadows. Noted European travelers have often compared the features with those found at their homeland and even a casual reader who reads these itineraries feels quite interested and derives a sort of pleasure. There are, and the fact remains unchallenged, innumerable places in Kashmir that people only conceive in their imaginations. To give readers an idea – there are places high up the mountains where small fresh water lakes apparently look like fantasy creations with clear fresh water reflecting vividly the sky and the mountains. There are places where boulders and rocks slowly yield to green turfs, pine trees and at many places pastures and farm lands. There are places in Kashmir, where temperature even in the hottest months of the summer remains below 20 degrees on Celsius scale. There are places in Kashmir where you can witness the grandeur of nature in the form of land, water, sky and life. There are places in Kashmir where one feels the purification of spirit can happen. In a vague sense the effect of the beauty of Kashmir on the travelers and even locals at times gets them a high. LOCATION The valley of Kashmir forms the major part of the northern-most state of India, Jammu and Kashmir. The state lying between 32.44 N latitudes and 74.54 E longitudes is divided in three provinces – Jammu towards the south, Kashmir towards the north and Ladakh towards the northeast. It is neighbored by Pakistan in the west and northwest, China in the east and northeast. It is connected by the national highway NH1A with the rest of India. There are also mountain passes but movement is restricted as they connect with the neighboring countries. CLIMATE The valley of Kashmir witnesses mild summers and very cold winters. There are four distinct seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn and each season is marked by prominent changes. The winter season starts from December and continues till mid March. There are frequent snowfalls and temperature at times dips to 5 degrees below 0. The spring starts from mid March and lasts till the first week of May. It is the most pleasant time as the blossoms and vegetation clothe the valley in beautiful colors. The temperature goes up to 20 degrees and days are mildly warm. However, there is lot of rainfall observed in the spring. The summer season starts from mid May and continues till mid September. July and August are the hottest months and average temperature observed is about 35 degrees. At higher altitudes and foothills, it is colder and observed with occasional rainfall. Autumn starts from mid September and continues till November. Temperature falls towards the end of the season and sky is usually overcast. Transportation Kashmir is connected with the rest of India by roadways, railways and airways. There is an international airport at Srinagar where flights from Delhi and other cities of India regularly reach. National highway NH1A connects Kashmir with Jammu, which extends further south to other states of India. State owned buses and private coaches ply on these roads. Smaller cars also bring in visitors and travelers from other parts of India. Although railway services are available in many regions of Kashmir, still it is lesser traveled mode of transportation due to incomplete transportation lines. In Kashmir smaller cars and wagons provide the transportation and commutation services. TIME TO VISIT Strictly speaking there is no right time to visit Kashmir as each season presents it own glorious features. In winters snowfall is a great treat to skiers who find the slopes excellent for skiing. In spring, the meadows and orchards offers some of the beautiful scenes. In summer, it is great for trekking and exploring the mountain ridges as well as for local sightseeing. In autumn climate is the most pleasant with golden shades provided by the drying chinar (maple) leaves. However it is quite pleasant to be in Kashmir in the months of May and September. PLACES IN KASHMIR It is rather difficult to refer to all exquisite places found in Kashmir, as opinions vary and it depends on how people react to the beautiful settings. However there is consensus on many popular places being the real catch for the travelers. Most of these places are located either in the foothills or near the lofty mountains. Places like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Aharbal, Sonamarg, Baltal, Dodpather, Yusmarg, Drung, Achabal, Kokernag, Verinag, Deksum, Lolab are the most visited ones. Besides that the capital city Srinagar is in itself a wonderful destination and the hub of Kashmir. Best accommodation services in the form of three star hotels, luxurious houseboats, guest houses and tourist huts are available in Srinagar. It is centrally located and provides access to all major destinations in Kashmir. Ethnic Food Kashmir’s cuisine is the most savored in the country with many ingredients and dishes being influenced by erstwhile Persian travelers. For non-vegetarians and mutton-loving folks, Kashmir’s culinary dishes are the most delectable in Asia. Special dishes that form the popular wazwan like Kebab, Rista (meat balls), Rogan Josh, Gushtaba, Tabakhmaz, Shami Kebab, Korma and Ab Gosh are simply devoured on many social occasions. In Kashmir, you will also get to taste two kinds of tea prepared only in the valley – Kehwa and Nun Chai (salt tea). There are plenty of restaurants and food joints where travelers can delight themselves. Barbecue and steaks are also very popular in Kashmir. For vegetarians there is a variety among the vegetable dishes prepared, which are quite different from other Indian states. Different varieties of dals (pulses), palak, saag, gobi, potatoes are served in hotels and restaurants. Rice and vegetables, plus mutton form the staple food in Kashmir. TRAVEL INFO In Kashmir currency accepted is Indian Rupee. Foreigners can exchange currency at a number of junction in Kashmir as well as other states and cities of India. The most credible information as well as assistance is provided by the state tourism offices located in Srinagar and other places. Hotels and houseboats are available throughout the year, however in peak visiting season that is between May and August, travelers must confirm the availability prior to making their visits. All equipments for adventure sports like skiing, rock climbing, trekking, camping, angling, etc are available in Srinagar. The equipments can be purchased at selected stores or rented from different travel agencies. Travelers must be well informed as touts can cheat a great deal to travelers coming for the first time. In winters warm woolen apparels and fur jackets are suitable and in summer light cotton wear serves best. Also, to avoid sun-burns high up the mountains especially in winters when snow reflects most of the radiations, eye gear is a useful amenity. Local guides, travel guides and all essential information are easily available in Srinagar. Shopping in Kashmir The arts and crafts of Kashmir are much prized through out the world. In fact, handicrafts is the second most revenue generating industry after tourism in Kashmir. Oriental carpets, rugs, wall hangings, interior decoration pieces, carved furniture light up the aura of even the gloomiest places. These classic pieces of arts are sold at numerous stores in Kashmir, particularly in Srinagar. Hand woven shawls and wraps of Kashmir are equally famous. Besides that tourists can also buy inexpensive paper machie products, embroidered garments, precious stones and jewellery, leather products, rattan and wicker works.

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