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Gulmarg, meaning the garden of flowers, is one of Kashmir's three most popular tourist places, the other two being Pahalgam and Sonamarg. It is located east of the valley and a little over 50 km from Srinagar. The place boasts a beautiful golf course, internationally acclaimed ski slopes, cable car and a miniature valley that amuses even the most uninterested traveller.

To reach Gulmarg, travellers and tourists usually start from Srinagar. It is a one-hour drive in which the latter twenty minutes are the most enchanting. As one crosses the Magam locality at about half the distance, distant pine mountains and the breeze coming from them become apparent. A water stream forms a lowland and a ravine. The road to Gulmarg slowly ascends from Tangmarg, which is considered the base centre for Gulmarg.

At Tangmarg, there is a small market, a bus and a taxi stand. The place looks like a small hamlet, and the people are townspeople. Many of the providers at Gulmarg, shop owners, smaller equipment renting agencies, and pony-ride owners are from Tangmarg.

From Tangmarg, Gulmarg is about 15 km, and that 15 km is what the visitors miss often. The road from Tangmarg goes along the border of the hill, revealing many picturesque places from vantage. Thick pine vegetation in the form of lofty pine and fir trees covers the whole area. It is woodland, and the journey up with the sky and treetops visible builds the gusto.

The place bears a strong semblance with the sets of the famous Hollywood movie “Lord of the Rings” and with places found in New Zealand. At the summit, the sky becomes clear and even in a car, you feel like you have reached the world's top. However, the impression of the long meadows bordered by pine forests makes it feel like it is in plains.

A minor road runs along the plains in which three things conspicuously stand out – the Temple at the entrance, an old Church on a small hillock in the middle of the garden and the glaciers of the Affarwat.

There are two kinds of slopes at Gulmarg, making it one of India's best skiing destinations. The nursery slopes at the base and at some place in Kongdoori are pleasure grounds for amateurs and tourists who want to give it their first try. Above the slopes of Kangdoori and Upper Affarwat, the slopes run for a couple of kilometres and are ideal for professional skiers.

A Gondola cable car system operates from the Gulmarg base to Affarwat. The ride has two stops – Kongdoori and Affarwat. Cable cars carry tourists and skiers to the mentioned places.

Pony rides are also a great amusement at Gulmarg. The lower regions are the best means of transportation for exploring.

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